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Is Your Smartphone Giving You Wrinkles? Dr. Cho Explains How to Correct “Tech Neck”

Correcting Tech Neck in The Woodlands, Spring & Tomball

We seem to love our technology nowadays, especially our most beloved device – the smartphone. While our smartphone helps us connect with friends, find places, and surf the web, it doesn’t end up helping us look our best over time. All that screen gazing is contributing to extra wrinkles the neck and chin areas, known most notably as, “Tech Neck.” Tech neck is simply caused by the modern day compulsion of looking down at our handheld devices and computers on a daily basis. Tech neck now joins the ranks of other types of well-known facial furrows and pleats like “marionette lines”, “crow’s feet,” and “worry wrinkles”. Not only does tech neck create extra folds in the skin, giving us turkey-like necks, all the hunching over is impacting our backs and postures as well.

Take a look at this video featuring Dr. Cho as he explains the impact of tech neck and the currents treatments and procedures are available to treat this modern condition.

To prevent tech neck, it’s important to take regular breaks from using devices and make to consider correct posture at all times. Additionally, using a sunscreen or product that encourages the form of collagen and keep skin tight and smooth.

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