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Houston, Spring & The Woodlands Facial Plastic Surgery

Brow Lift

A brow lift is performed to rejuvenate the upper facial area (the forehead and brows) by elevating the sagging brow tissues that are commonly seen at a certain point in the aging process.

Neck Contouring

With neck lift surgery, loose, excess tissues that create the “turkey neck” look can be removed and tightened, while neck liposuction can address stubborn fat deposits and get rid of a double chin.


Facelift surgery can correct skin and muscle laxity in the upper, lower and mid-face, repositioning tissues that have grown loose and saggy with age.

Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting is designed to address issues by restoring youthful volume to your face and can also be used to plump thin lips and fill deep creases and depressed scars.

Chin Surgery

Chin surgery options to increase chin projection include surgical placement of a chin implant or a procedure known as genioplasty, or chin bone advancement.


Whether your nasal cosmetic concerns are the result of genetics or trauma, rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as nose surgery or a nose job) can correct any number of nasal deformities, as well as help improve breathing problems.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery can address a number of issues, including misshapen or protruding ears and stretched or torn earlobes.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation can enhance the projection of your cheekbones, creating a more aesthetically balanced facial appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Both upper eyelid sagging and lower eyelid wrinkling and droopiness can be corrected with eyelid surgery, and under eye bags or puffiness can also be reduced.

Migraine Surgery

When medications and other treatments don’t work or produce undesirable side effects, migraine sufferers often seek migraine surgery to alleviate their symptoms.

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