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Would feeling more confident improve your lifestyle?

Confidence begins with…feeling confident. Sounds simple, but millions of women suffer from a very embarrassing secret: urinary incontinence.

Over 15 million American women suffer from issues with bladder control. EMSella by BTL is an innovative breakthrough in treating stress and urge urinary incontinence!

It’s as easy as sitting in a chair and the equivalent of 11,200
Kegel exercises in 28 minutes!

Would you feel more confident if you didn’t have to worry about bladder leakage? Would you feel more free to laugh or exercise without fear of embarrassment? Would you no longer be afraid of a sneeze?

You don’t need to just accept urinary incontinence. Do something about it!

Dr. Cho is thrilled to offer this amazing new treatment to his patients. Click here to learn more about EMSella or fill out the form to schedule a consultation.

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