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What is ChoTox (Dysport)?

Patients who struggle with crow’s feet or brow lines often elect to have treatments of ChoTox (Dysport). This injectable treatment, as administered by plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho or Dr. Melissa Chiang, works to diminish many lines and wrinkles on the face.

Rather than filling the wrinkles like some treatments do, ChoTox (Dysport) stops them in their tracks. This is achieved by limiting the movement of the muscle that has caused the wrinkle. In effect, the skin smooths out and is prevented from wrinkling further, as long as treatment is maintained.

Before and After Dysport

FDA Approved for Treatment of Glabellar Frownlines

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How Can Dysport Help?

ChoTox (Dysport) is a popular injectable treatment that patients as young as 18 years old and up to 65 may choose to combat the earliest signs of aging. When injected into the muscle beneath a wrinkle, it can smooth out the skin and correct common issues like:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Brow lines
  • Forehead lines

ChoTox (Dysport) contains the botulinum toxin, which is the active ingredient that controls the mobility of the treated muscle. In order to undergo a ChoTox (Dysport) treatment, you should be a healthy, nonsmoker. It is also important that you have not had an adverse reaction in the past to any botulinum toxin-based treatment. If you have, Dr. Cho may recommend an alternative treatment or procedure to meet your needs.

What to Expect Before and After Your Dysport Treatment

In your consultation with Dr. Cho, he will examine any visible wrinkles on your face and ask you about your aesthetic goals. After he has assessed your skin, he will make recommendations about how to move forward with your treatment of ChoTox (Dysport).

Your treatment of ChoTox (Dysport) will be short. Treatments for few wrinkles may be completed in less than 15 minutes and even in cases where more wrinkles are present, you should be done in under 45 minutes.

While no anesthetic is necessary for your ChoTox (Dysport) treatment, Dr. Cho may offer an ice pack to help numb the area before injection. Once the skin has been prepped and cleansed, Dr. Cho will carefully inject a specific amount of ChoTox (Dysport) into the muscle below the visible wrinkle. After the treatment, Dr. Cho may again offer the ice pack for your comfort.

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