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Dealing with Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery | December 16, 2015

Managing Loose Skin in The Woodlands, Spring & Tomball

Losing a significant amount of weight is a wonderful triumph, of which you should be proud. Your health, both mental and physical, have most likely improved throughout the period of your weight loss, but there may be that one remaining factor that bugs you—loose skin. Dealing with loose skin after weight loss can be tricky, but with these methods, we know that you will walk away happy with the body you’ve worked hard for.

Non-Surgical Options

If you are only experiencing a small amount of loose skin after weight loss, your options may be broader than someone who might have more of this pesky, hanging skin. For instance, with small amounts of loose skin, you can have a professional use a combination of lasers to try and tighten the area of skin. Unfortunately, in most cases, this kind of treatment is not enough to do the trick for those who have a greater portion of hanging skin.

Of course, exercising and staying on a healthy diet can also encourage skin to tighten over time. With certain exercises, you can try and target the area that has loose skin, so that the muscles underneath will tone that area. Certain foods and staying hydrated with water can also aid in tightening skin, as you are providing your body with the things it needs in order to be and look healthy. But where lasers and exercise don’t work, there are other options

The Tummy Tuck and Other Body Lifts

For those who have loose skin primarily in their mid-section, a Tummy Tuck procedure may be what you need in order to have a flatter stomach. This type of surgery is common, as many men and women experience excess skin hanging off the stomach after weight loss. Afterwards, you would be left with a flat abdomen, tighter skin and even more visible muscle tone in the abdominal area.

However, for those who have hanging skin beyond their stomach, and on the lower half of their body, a Body Lift could be the better choice. Body Lift surgery can help remove and tighten excess skin on the thighs, buttocks and hips. Unlike the Tummy Tuck, which can remove remaining fat on the abdomen, Body Lift surgery should take place after you have finished losing weight and are at a consistent size.

Body Contouring Surgery

The goal for this type of surgery is to remove hanging skin and tighten remaining skin on the body. For someone who has lost a significant amount of weight and has large deposits of loose skin on different parts of the body, Body Contouring surgery might be the best decision.

Much like the Tummy Tuck and Body Lift surgeries, loose skin and leftover fat deposits can be removed in order to reshape your figure. These surgeries can vary from person to person, depending on where the loose skin is and how much there is that needs to be removed.

Have you lost a significant amount of weight? If so, congratulations! Contact us at Integrated Aesthetics Plastic Surgery in Spring, Texas today, to learn more about managing your loose skin after weight loss.

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