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Non-Surgical Treatments

CoolSculpting: How Does it Work?

Non-Surgical Treatments | July 1, 2016

CoolSculpting for Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands & Spring Everyone has those “problem areas”, the parts of the body that seem to hold on to unwanted fat no matter how much work you put in. While some can hit the gym and see the body of their dreams break free like a caterpillar emerging from a […]
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3 Tips for Before and After a CoolSculpting Treatment

Non-Surgical Treatments | June 14, 2016

CoolSculpting Treatment Tips for The Woodlands & Houston It is officially swimsuit season, and you have been working hard all winter to show off that beach body. But no matter how much you exercise and diet, you just cannot seem to get rid of that last bit of belly fat. You have not worked this […]
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How to Melt Away the Appearance of a Double Chin

Non-Surgical Treatments | May 18, 2016

Double Chin Reduction for Houston, Tomball & Spring No matter how much dieting and exercise you put yourself through in the Houston area, there are some pesky parts of the body that simply won’t ever look the way you want them to. A double chin is one such conundrum: many develop it over time, but […]
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Debunking Myths about Botox

Non-Surgical Treatments | March 23, 2016

Botox Myths in Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands & Spring Botox is one of the most well-known methods for firming skin and getting rid of wrinkles. It is popular because of its availability and effectiveness, but there are also a few misconceptions about exactly how the product works. Some people enter their treatment appointment with the […]
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Love My Lips (Thanks to Restylane and Juvederm)

Non-Surgical Treatments | February 10, 2016

Restylane & Juvederm Treatments for Spring,Houston & Tomball Cosmetic fillers are perfect for Houston, Texas clients who are looking to augment their lips or soften the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Sometimes these dreaded lines are referred to as ‘smoker’s’ lines. As you age, the natural collagen and elasticity of your skin begins [&hell
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4 Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Chemical Peel

Dermatology, Non-Surgical Treatments | January 27, 2016

Chemical Peels for Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands & Spring Nobody likes to look into the mirror and see wrinkled and dull skin. Keeping the luster and glow of life is part of a youthful appearance that all adults slowly lose naturally over time. Though this is not avoidable, and everyone eventually experiences the shock of […]
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How We Can Help You with That New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery, Non-Surgical Treatments | January 13, 2016

Weight Loss Resolutions for Houston, Tomball & The Woodlands It seems as if nearly everyone writes down “lose weight” on their New Year’s resolution list, either out of obligation or a true desire to lose weight. If you have been struggling to lose weight in the past, why not make 2016 your year? Plastic surgery […]
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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin in 2016

Non-Surgical Treatments | December 23, 2015

Skin Care for Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring & Houston The new year is almost upon us which means that you are probably creating a list of your goals and aspirations for 2016. If you’re like many, you have felt obligated to write down something like “lose weight” or “eat healthier” as part of your resolutions, […]
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More Men Are Choosing Botox – Is it Right for You?

Non-Surgical Treatments | December 2, 2015

Botox for Men in Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands & Spring When many think of Botox they think that it is only something for women, but a new wave of sparked interest among men could prove otherwise. Because Botox has many benefits, such as diminishing wrinkles and lines on the face, more men are opting for […]
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The Most Popular Non-Surgical Treatments for Anti-Aging

Non-Surgical Treatments | June 26, 2015

Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments in Spring, Tomball & Houston There comes a time where you look in the mirror and find more wrinkles, sagging skin, or maybe even some age spots on your face than you want. While there used to be only few options to turn back time without going under the knife, that has […]
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