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The Vampire Facial: What It Is & How It Works

Dermatology | April 1, 2016

Vampire Facial in The Woodlands, Spring, Houston & Tomball

Like the creature of its namesake, the vampire facial makes whoever receives it look younger—but don’t worry, there’s no biting involved. Instead, a client’s own blood is used to smooth out wrinkles in the face and reverse the effects of aging.

You might remember Kim Kardashian receiving a “vampire” procedure just a few years ago on an episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. Since then, the vampire facial has only grown in popularity—you no longer have to have your own slew of reality shows in order to get access to it!

We’ll be offering a vampire facial special in April. Here are all the points you need to know about this fascinating—and effective—procedure.

How the Vampire Facial Works

Put simply, a vampire facial uses the patient’s own blood, or PRP, to make her own skin look and feel more youthful. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma which is your body’s own super serum. It contains five unique growth factors that help stimulate collagen, repair damaged tissues, and optimize conditions for healing and generation of new youthful skin.

The PRP is topically infused into the skin by a process called collagen induction therapy, sometimes referred to as micro-needling. The process itself helps to stimulate healthy skin. Micro-needling creates channels in the skin that allows the PRP to penetrate deeper into the tissue. This contrasts to the Vampire facelift (also available as a treatment), where the PRP is injected under the skin in a similar fashion as dermal fillers.

How Micro-Needling Feels

The micro-needling pen used contains a dozen micro-points that are pressed and gently glided against the face in one smooth motion, until the entire area receiving treatment is covered. Most clients report the micro-needling process to feel like sandpaper against their skin.

Effects of the Facial Treatment

The vampire facial reportedly corrects early signs of aging in many patients. These include loss of facial volume, under-eye hollows and developing crow’s feet, but can be enhanced when used in combination with other dermal fillers. The effects are subtle but surely distinct—no one may know exactly what’s different about you, but an overall more youthful look is doubtlessly apparent. This seamless transition into more youthful beauty is why the vampire facial remains so popular with many. It proves time and again to improve skin quality and volume, causing the face to achieve a more youthful glow. Some patients even report seeing the effects of the facial last over 6 months.

In regards to negative side effects, few clients complain of more than slight pain around the nose area after receiving the vampire facial treatment. (We certainly don’t know what Ms. Kardashian was complaining about during her facial episode!) As with many facial rejuvenation procedures, you can expect your face to appear slightly sunburned after receiving the vampire facial, and the redness may persist for 2-4 days. Otherwise, though, the side effects of the procedure are minimal.

Try a Vampire Facial in April

For the month of April, Integrated Aesthetics of the greater Houston area is offering a special on Vampire facials – get 3 for just $1799. Start reversing the effects of aging, and contact us today.

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