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How Laser Treatments Zap Away Your Skin Issues

Dermatology | June 26, 2015

Laser Treatments for Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands & Spring

Let’s be honest here. The thought of lasers hitting your skin sounds a bit scary and science fiction. When doctors first introduced laser cosmetic treatments 30 years ago, it was definitely a scientific breakthrough moment with a lot of hype.

Yet, the first laser devices were literally a big pain for patients; months and months of sunburned faces yielded only mediocre results. Even for dark skinned patients, results were questionable and risky. The good news is that thanks to time and new technology, results from laser treatments have tremendously improved. Thus, revealing lasers as one of the most valued devices for both doctor and patient.

How Laser Treatments Work

Nowadays, laser treatments resolve any unwanted ails you can think of. They can can get rid of unwanted hair, blemishes, broken blood vessels and even tattoos. Lasers can even rejuvenate skin to lessen the appearance fine lines, wrinkles and scars and stretch marks.

Your doctor will use lasers to send short, concentrated, pulsing beams of light at irregular skin. This will get rid of the unwanted, damaged skin in a precise manner, one layer at a time. The one-layer-at-a-time method reduces the risk of hypopigmentation or lightening of the skin. The laser will remove the outer layer of your skin, which is the epidermis, while at the same time, heating the underlying layer of skin called the dermis. As a result, lasers work to stimulate growth of new collagen in the dermis making new skin smoother and firmer as it grows.

Available Laser Treatments

There are many, many treatments and procedures to choose from. Choosing a treatment that works for you will require a little research. Here’s a quick guide to the latest gold standard and breakthrough laser cosmetic procedures:

For Wrinkles and Scars:

Some laser resurfacing methods can deliver deep energy into the skin, sending hundreds of tiny beams through the skin. This is the ideal for combating wrinkles, sagging skin, building collagen and repairing sun damage. Venus Viva is a new procedure that does just that. Using a patented Smart Scan feature for NanoFractional Radio Frequency, Venus Viva delivers small ‘pins’ of energy into the surface of the skin, a little bit at a time, to make it both comfortable and effective for the patient.

For Improved Skin Tone and Texture:

Since lasers set a wound-healing response to skin into high gear, lasers are great for treating minor discoloration like freckles and rosacea. The intensity of the light can adjust, depending on what you would like to remove. Clear + Brilliant is a treatment that is gentle, safe, and uses light to fight discoloration and the natural effects of aging, revealing more even toned, youthful-looking skin. This treatment has been praised by women everywhere for improving the look, elasticity, and brightness of the skin. This is a super gentle treatment that can reverse current affects of aging while preventing wrinkles from happening if started in your 20s and 30s.

For Hair Removal:

Unwanted hair in certain areas of the body is a common frustration. Laser hair removal works to not only remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body but allows you to skip the waxing, shaving, tweezing, and the ingrown hairs. These procedures are safe and effective for most people, regardless of hair and skin color. Cultera Cool Glide is a modern laser system that treats all skin types, including tanned skin. This device can also be easily tailored to patients’ preferences, reducing pain and uncomfortableness. It even has a copper cooling feature that delivers protection and comfort to the skin.

It’s best to talk to your doctor to find the best treatment for you and your goals. Your doctor will be able to recommend the right treatments, the number of treatment sessions needed, and required recovery time.

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