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How to Decide if Hair Restoration Is Right for You

Hair Restoration for Houston, Tomball, The Woodlands & Spring

Nobody looks forward to losing their hair. When it happens, people feel a range of emotions from acceptance to depression. The reality is that hair loss is very common. Men and women, young and old all experience losing their once luscious locks. The younger that a patient is, the greater an impact their hair loss can have on their psychological well-being. Since a person’s self-esteem can plummet when they begin to realize that they are losing their hair, it can also have a significant effect on personal relationships and work life.

For these reasons, most people who start to lose their hair look into treatment options early on. Many of the over the counter medications do not work for some patients, who turn to more invasive methods to restore their hair—such as hair restoration. This is often a last effort, but it is the most effective way to regrow real hair. Is hair restoration in Texas right for you?


What Is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is transplant surgery. It is a medical procedure that is performed under the steady, professional hand of a plastic surgeon. During the process, small grafts of hair from a donor site are relocated to areas that have thin hair or total hair loss. This is a slightly invasive procedure, and most patients experience pain on their scalp while the areas are healing. Pain medication can be taken to decrease any discomfort. Some patients will need multiple treatments if they are not satisfied with the level of growth that comes from the first hair transplant surgery. As with any surgery, there are some risks, such as bleeding and infection. Hair transplant surgery can significantly improve your balding, but it is not for everyone.


Is Hair Transplant Surgery Right for You?

Most people do not turn to hair restoration procedures as a first step to getting their hair back; it’s normally a last effort. Luckily, that effort is usually very successful. Before you consider having hair transplant surgery, you should have a consultation with a cosmetic professional and use quality hair loss products in an attempt to reverse your balding. If you are not satisfied with these results and are still interested in having a hair restoration procedure, speak to a hair loss professional. They will determine if you are in good health and can benefit from a hair restoration procedure. After your consultation, your appointment for hair transplant surgery will be made.    

Hair restoration is not limited to those who are experiencing balding. You can also have hair transplants placed into other problem areas that experience poor hair growth, such as thin eyebrows or scars. Each transplant will hope to achieve unique goals.


Get Your Consultation

If you believe that hair restoration in Texas is right for you and would like to learn more information, speaking to a hair loss expert could be very beneficial. For more information, or to schedule your consultation, visit our hair restoration page or contact a representative with Integrated Aesthetics today.

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