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3 Treatments to Help an Aging Face Look Younger

Aging Face Treatments for Tomball, The Woodlands & Houston

The Fountain of Youth: the mystical oasis of many fairy tales that sparked real-life grand adventures and box office hits. Ponce de Leon sailed the world over looking for this grand find—the flowing waters that would keep a person young forever. Eternal youth, it seems, has been the goal of many great conquerors and explorers throughout the ages. Unfortunately, no one has yet to find a magical spring that will reverse the natural aging that is brought with time.

Modern methods have provided a clear path to restoring a young, supple appearance. It might not be The Fountain of Youth that graced the stories, but anti-aging treatments in Texas can be worth your while if you are noticing more signs of aging. There are many different techniques and treatments available from plastic surgery and cosmetic professionals that will reverse the signs of aging on your neck, cheeks and face. Read more to learn about a few of the most popular treatments.


  1. Augmentation of the Cheeks

As you age, your cheeks may appear very flat or deflated. They lose their elasticity and plumpness and begin to look rather dull and unhealthy. The skin that was over your cheeks begins to wrinkle as gravity pulls everything down. This is really bothersome to a lot of patients, who turn to the aid of cheek augmentation for help. There are several different options for augmenting your aging cheeks, including:

  • Injectable fillers, which are by far the most common approach that offers both short-term and long-term solutions for filling the cheeks.
  • Autologous Fat grafting, involving the relocation of your natural fats to fill areas that are experiencing volume loss.
  • Cheek implants in the face that can be customized to fit the anatomy of the patient.

The treatment that you choose will depend on your unique situation and if you would like to go with a surgical or non-surgical method.


  1. Facelift Procedures

These are surgical methods that can tremendously improve the appearance of aging skin and muscle structures. In addition, professional plastic surgeons can target areas of particular trouble, such as the cheeks or neck. This can be combined with other contouring procedures to give the patient a complete facial restoration.


  1. Neck Contouring

Over time, gravity will take a toll on your skin and muscle structure, pulling everything that was once smooth and firm loose. One of the biggest problem areas for many men and women is the neck. This skin seems to be particularly prone to losing its elasticity over time. The result is dangling skin that has affectionately been dubbed “turkey neck” or the “double chin“. There is a solution for this age related issue—neck contouring. This surgery will remove the excess skin and fat while also contouring the jawline and chin, making you look more fit. You do not have to be young to show off your beautiful structure.


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If you are interested in learning more about these anti-aging treatments in Texas, visit our cheek, face and neck page or contact a representative with Integrated Aesthetics today.

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