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New Year, New You! Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2016

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery | January 6, 2016

Top Cosmetic Procedures in Houston, Tomball & Spring

For both men and women, cosmetic procedures are helping people across the world feel better about the skin they’re in. No matter how hard you may try to change the way you look, sometimes your efforts fall short. With these top cosmetic procedures for 2016, you can finally look the way you want to look and feel great about the body you have.

Forehead Lift

Oftentimes referred to as a brow lift, forehead lifts are procedures used to shift the position of soft tissue in your forehead in order to minimize sagging in the upper parts of your face. Skin around your forehead, brows and upper nose will appear more youthful, and the shape of your face will change. If you’ve felt self-conscious about your forehead in the past, this procedure could be just the thing you need in 2016 to feel great about yourself.

Eyelid Surgery

For cosmetic reasons, eyelid surgery can reduce the amount of sagging skin that is above and below your eyelids. You will look younger as this surgery can help reduce wrinkles and creases around your eyes. Those pesky bags you can never seem to get rid of will vanish, leaving you with a smooth area around your eyes.

Additionally, this surgery is a great option for those who have eyelids that are disrupting their vision. If not for cosmetic reasons, having your eyelids adjusted can help you see better as your eyelids will no longer weigh down over your eyes. You will see that your range of vision will increase while also looking (and feeling) better.

Ear Surgery

Of the top cosmetic procedures we might see in 2016, ear surgery could be one of them. Also known as otoplasty, this type of procedure can change the shape of the ear. By adjusting the position and proportion of the ear, it will sit differently on the side of the head, reducing a larger appearance. No matter if your ears have always been that way, or if they were misshapen in an accident, otoplasty can help you look the way you want to.

Classic Top Cosmetic Procedures in 2016

Of course, even though it is a new year, some of the classic and favorite cosmetic procedures will continue to be as popular as ever. Among these procedures are: facelifts, tummy tucks and liposuction, and breast augmentation. Like the forehead lift, facelifts will help reposition the tissues in your face so that it appears plump and youthful like it once did.

Tummy tucks and liposuction can help you create that figure that you have always dreamed of, despite your best efforts to lose the weight naturally. Loose skin and leftover fat can hang around after weight loss, which is where these procedures can help you achieve the shape you want. And, of course, breast augmentation surgery can help you feel better about your body image by giving you the chest you always envisioned yourself having.

Here at Integrated Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, we specialize in helping people look their best. If you are interested in being the best version of you for this upcoming year, contact us today to learn more about the cosmetic procedures we have to offer.

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